Creative services for the hospitality industry

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What is Parallel39?

We brings accessible and high-quality marketing and design to all businesses. We are specialized but not limited to the hospitality industry, elevating hotels and restaurants to new standards in the online world!

Parallel39 was founded on the beautiful touristic island of Mallorca, which happens to lie on the 39th parallel of the earth, hence the name.

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Our expertise

What do we do?


Increase your business reach, optimise your channels, create a sales funnel and boost your bookings. We provide everything you need to make your business stand out and to reach the right people.


We design everything you may need, from business cards to do-not-disturb signs. Our designs are carefully thought to highlight your brand and to connect with your target group.

Photography & Videography

Mood catching photography and videography are proven to appeal to your customer's emotions and wish-to-experience-it. Parallel39 offers great Photography and Videography for your business

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Our services are all custom-tailored for each business. This, to make sure we deliver the best experience and results. Schedule a free 30-minute call with us to discuss how we may help you.