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What is Parallel39?

Parallel39 was founded on the beautiful touristic island of Mallorca, which happens to lie on the 39th parallel of the earth, hence the name.

We help you to strengthen your brand, to get the exposure your restaurant deserves and to bring guests in through accessible and high-quality marketing and design.

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Our expertise

What do we do?

Creating amazing designs

Have a consistent look and feel across all your restaurant’s channels.

Making your dishes look tempting

Make your guests experience your restaurant before even visiting it.

Making your restaurant the hottest

Increase guest satisfaction, retention and make your restaurant stand out.

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Be assured that by working with us you are getting the best value service, an experienced team in marketing, online growth and much more!

COVID-19 recovery plan

Is your business struck by the COVID-19 outbreak? Parallel39 has a plan for a successful COVID recovery. Schedule a free call to find out our tips and strategies for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Parallel 39, we have a personal approach to attend the needs of your restaurant. If you work with us, a dedicated manager from our team will define the goals for your restaurant together with you. Following up, our team will get started on achieving them. Whilst in the meantime, your dedicated manager will report and present you live results.

If you would like to get more bookings, to raise awareness to your restaurant and to provide better guest experiences, we are there for you! We provide everything you need, from developing websites, creating outstanding designs and coming up with strategies to interact with your guests.

Although we are specialized in the hospitality industry, we are not limited to it. Our solutions are methods widely used by the fashion, beauty and health, retailing industry, etc. If you own a business and you would like to partner up with us, feel free to schedule a call or to contact us.

Wether you own a small restaurant or a local chain, we are committed with your growth. There is nothing more gratifying for us than watching our client’s daily development. So, if you own a small restaurant, there is nothing to worry about. We provide services that attend your demand and fit your budget.

We are based in Europe (the Netherlands) and in South America (Brazil). We operate internationally attending the demands from restaurants from all over the world.