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What is Parallel 39?

Parallel39 was founded on the beautiful touristic island of Mallorca, which happens to lie on the 39th parallel of the earth, hence the name. We provide the solutions your hotel need to step up your brand, to create a memorable guest experience and to develop stronger relationships with your visitors through accessible and high-quality marketing and design. Let’s connect and discuss how we may help you.

Our expertise

What do we do?

Increasing your hotel's bookings

Connect with the right guests and increase your bookings.

Creating amazing designs

Have a consistent look and feel across your hotel and its online channels.

Making your hotel look amazing

Bring the atmosphere of your hotel to your guests.

Enhancing guest experience

Create a unique experience for your guests and increase guest satisfaction.

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Let's work together!

Be assured that by working with us you are getting the best value service, an experienced team in marketing, design, online reputation management and much more!

COVID-19 recovery plan

Is your business struck by the COVID-19 outbreak? Parallel39 has a plan for a successful COVID recovery. Schedule a free call to find out our solutions for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

A dedicated member of our team will work closely with you to make sure the right goals for your hotel are set. As soon as they are set, we will get started on achieving them, whilst in the meantime your dedicated account manager will report and discuss live results with you via your preferred method. You can be assured that your hotel will see beneficial results soon after we partner up!

If you would like to take your brand to the next level, then our services are for you. We support your growth by raising awareness to your brand, increasing guest satisfaction and guest retention. In order to understand your needs and advice you on the right services for your hotel, we invite you to schedule a free call with our team.

Yes, we are specialized but not limited to the hospitality industry. Feel free to send an email or schedule a call to discuss how we can help you.

Wether you own a B&B or a resort, we are committed with your growth. There is nothing more gratifying for us than watching our client’s daily development. So, if you own a small hotel, there is nothing to worry about. We provide services that attend your demand and fit your budget.

We are based in Europe (the Netherlands) and in South America (Brazil). We operate internationally attending the demands from restaurants from all over the world.