About us

About Parallel39: We are experts in branding and positioning for Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Clubs and the rest of the hospitality industry. Parallel39 was founded on the beautiful touristic island of Mallorca, which happens to lie on the 39th parallel of the earth, hence the name. We love hospitality and we believe in unconditional service with an intimate collaboration between agency and client!

With the rise of technology, it has become increasingly common to check establishments online, before visiting, to find out their quality and ratings. This especially goes for young but even older generations are catching on to this trend. Your online presence directly influences the number of guests you receive. At Parallel39, we endeavour to increase your online presence across multiple media. Our solutions make you join the conversation and get the exposure your business deserves!

We are currently based in Barcelona and Brazil, but we operate in all of Europe and Brazil. We speak English, Portuguese, Dutch and Spanish.

What makes us so special?

  • We are a full-service agency. We plan, create and implement. We carry everything out for you and if you have any special wishes, we are happy to help!
  • We create integrated marketing campaigns, creating unified experiences for your customers across all channels. Sit back and relax, we do all the online boring work!
  • You can easily reach us via Whatsapp, Messenger, phone, email or whatever and whenever is convenient to you. 
about us

Jelle Plevier

Creative Director

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about us

Caio Ribeiro Rios

Head of Marketing

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